ZHONGSHAN COPALIGHTING CO., LTD is located in Zhongshan, the old capital of great men (Sun Yat-sen), which is also the administrative center of the ancient town of "China Lamp Capital". After a long period of steady development, the company sets professional customization, R&D, production, and wholesale of various downlights, spotlights, outdoor cooling fans, as well as technical support. We specialize in the following products;


1. Recessed Spot Light 

3. Wallwasher 

5. Chandelier

7. Surface Mounting Spot Light 

9. Recessed Down Low     

11. Zoomtable Telescopic Light 

13. Zoomtable Recessed Spot Light

15. Polarized wallwasher

17. Linea Light 

19. Outdoor Wall Lamp 

2. Recessed Telescopic Light

4. Floor Lamp

6. Floor Light

8. Underground Lamp

10. MR16 Recessed Mounting Ring Accessories

12. Zoomtable Spot Light

14. Zoomtable Pendant Light        

16. Recessed Spot Light

18. Track Light

20. Outdoor Cooling Fan

The above has been tested by national strict standards and certified by 3C and EU CE.
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